It’s All About the Mandolin

SimplyMandolin is simply a blog for anybody interested in learning the mandolin.

Free Mandolin Tabs

You’ll find a growing collection of free mandolin tabs that can be downloaded in tablature format or music notation.

If you can read tab or music, and already have a few tunes under your belt, then you shouldn’t find these tabs too difficult. Most of them are a fairly basic interpretation of the melody. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of room to make changes, embellishments or variations. However, you should also be able to find something to challenge you a little. As a result, you may learn something new, or perhaps discover something to help develop your playing.

Mandolin Chords

Check out the chord section for charts and diagrams in standard tuning (GDAE). You’ll find a few open chords, or chords with some open strings, for playing in the first position. There’s also some moveable chord shapes and variations. These can help to get you moving around the fingerboard. It’s not a real comprehensive collection at this point, but I do plan to keep adding to the pile.

Something Mandolin?

Do you have an idea for something “mandolin”? Is there something you might like to see on this blog? I’d like to hear from you. If I like the idea, or the project interests me, I may go ahead with it.

Find an error?

Is there something missing? Did you get an error message? Please let me know if you find broken download links, or missing images. I’ll fix them immdiately.